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Spiritual Leadership

In a dynamic address to the Northeastern Jurisdiction United Methodist Men (NEJUMM) Board members, Mark Dehority, the President-elect for the National Association of Conference Presidents (NACP), emphasized the importance of following God's path over personal ambitions. The virtual meeting included attendees from the northeastern Jurisdiction who were united in their commitment to spiritual leadership.

Mark Dehority began his address with a correction to the meeting agenda, underscoring the significance of capitalizing 'His' when referring to God's pathway. "I pray every day that I'm following His, not mine," Dehority stated. "It doesn't work when it's Mark's. It only works when it's God's." His heartfelt plea for prayers to keep him on God's path set the tone for the remainder of his presentation.

The core of Mark's message was clear: the NACP is in the business of leadership, specifically the spiritual leadership of men within the United Methodist Church. "We are in the business of connecting with people who are strong disciples of Jesus Christ and who are called to lead other men," he declared. "Our ministry is to equip them to build the kingdom and be primarily with the men of the United Methodist Church."

Mark stressed the church's mission, as outlined in the 2016 Book of Discipline: to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. He reiterated the vision of the United Methodist Men: "Every man in the United Methodist Church is an effective disciple of Jesus Christ."

Mark posed a poignant question to the attendees in his message: "Is your ministry in God's will?" Drawing from the Lord's Prayer, he urged the leaders to seek God's will in their work. "Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven," he repeated, emphasizing the importance of divine guidance over personal ambitions.

He also highlighted the critical need for a personal relationship with God. Dehority confessed that his ministry had faltered when he followed his path rather than God's. "For a long time, I did Mark's ministry, and I guarantee you it did not work," he admitted. "We have to be in relationship with the Lord."

Mark Dehority called for a renewed focus on prayer and scripture, underscoring its role in personal spiritual growth and development. He referenced John 15:16-17, reminding the audience of their divine calling to bear fruit that will last. "The mission we share is that every male who's United Methodist has a credible opportunity to meet, know, and serve Jesus," he affirmed.

He introduced several new initiatives aimed at strengthening the ministry. These include establishing a prayer revival ministry, training and equipping leaders, enhancing communications, and launching justice initiatives. Dehority emphasized the need for collaborative efforts to achieve these goals, urging the NEJUMM Board members to contribute their skills and passions to these projects.

Dehority concluded his address with a prayer revival strategy inspired by a quote from John Wesley. The vision is to have 100 leaders in continuous prayer to revive hearts, families, churches, communities, and ministries. "We need to be the men God is calling us to be," he urged the attendees to lead revival prayer sessions in the Jurisdiction, conference districts and local churches.

In his closing prayer, Dehority invoked the power of God to guide his efforts and those of the men of the NEJUMM. "Heavenly Father, our utmost desire is that through each of us, all of our United Methodist Men, members, leaders, and churches, You will do immeasurably more than we can ever ask or imagine according to Your power that is at work within us."

The gathering ended with a resonant "Amen," as the attendees left with a renewed sense of purpose and commitment to following God's pathway, ready to transform their communities through faith and service.

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